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How To download Train ticket with PNR number [2022]

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In this post, I will let you know that what is PNR number and how to download train ticket with PNR number.

Day to day Millions of people traveling by train for which they have to book tickets online or offline. Sometimes people do not get confirm ticket and it is a big problem to get a confirmed ticket during holidays. And sometimes people not able to check whether their ticket is confirmed or not so here I will explain how to check PNR status offline and online.

What is PNR number

download Train ticket with PNR number

PNR full form is Passenger name record. It is 10 digit numbers which contains the personal information of a passenger. Train is one of the biggest source of traveling in India. Almost 2 Croce People travels every day in trains. PNR is a unique 10 digit code which is mentioned in top left corner of the ticket. Using this number you can know status and details of ticket.

How to check pnr status

If you don’t have a smartphone and you are not able to check the PNR status online then you can try this method to check your PNR status on a non-smartphone. In this method you don’t need any internet connections you just need to type a simple message then send it on a number.

Check PNR status offline

Step 1. Open your SMS

Step 2. Type  PNR<space> 10 Digit PNR Number

Step 3. Send it to 139 then after few minutes you will get status in your phone.

Check PNR status online

Step 1. Visit

Check PNR status in indian railways

Step 2. Click on PNR Enquiry

How to check pnr status online

Step 3. Enter your PNR number and Click on Submit.

Step 4. You will get latest status of your PNR number.

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How To download Train ticket with PNR number

If you want to download Train Ticket with PNR number then you can follow the steps given below

Step 1. Login into your IRCTC account.

image 3

Step 2. Then Click on My Account >> My Transactions >> Booked Ticket History

Download ticket with PNR number

Step 3. Now you will get all the list of tickets booked from your ID.

image 1

Step 4. Search For the PNR number for which you want to download the ticket and Click on that.

Print Ticket from PNR Number

Step 5. After that you will able to print your ticket from the PNR number then You can Save your ticket in PDF form as well.

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