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How to earn money from WhatsApp in India [ Rs. 5000+]

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Guys, In this article we will see how to earn money from WhatsApp in India using these tricks you can make a healthy pocket income if you are a student then you should try these Whatsapp earning tricks.

Requirements to earn money from WhatsApp in India

  1. One smartphone
  2. A good quality internet
  3. numbers of whatsapp contact and group.

There are multiple ways to earn money from WhatsApp in India but we will some of the best ways which actually works.

Earn money from WhatsApp in India

What is an Url shortener

Link shortener is one the best way to earn money from WhatsApp in India. There are many websites that short your link and when someone clicks on that link then you will be get paid for that click. There are many websites that pay 2$ to 5 $ for 1000 clicks.

That is not a big deal to get 1000 clicks on that link I will share a trick if you follow that then surely you can get 5000 clicks also.

First, you should have two WhatsApp on your phone one for your normal use and another one for this work.

You can also download GBwhatsapp on your phone it has a lot of features which make your work easier.

Even I also use GBwhatsapp for that work and in that WhatsApp account, I have joined 200 + groups in which I share links only.

One group can have 256 members only. Let’s assume one group has 200 members in it and I have 200 groups so the total members will be 40000 so I share a link with all of them at once.

Now the question is you have to send a link in every group then not there is a feature in GBwhatsapp where once you send a link will be shared in all groups.

Once I forward a link it reaches 40000 people and supposes if only 25 % of people click on that means 10000 people will click and I will get paid 20$ for those clicks.

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PPD network

PPD network to earn money from WhatsApp in India

Guys PPD is one of the best ways of earning online if you don’t know what is PPD network it is pay per download network where you will get paid for per download.

This means the network will pay you for every single download where files will be like movies, songs, images and can be software also.

You can share this also in WhatsApp groups and can make money through WhatsApp. There is no limit to earning in it. It is like affiliate marketing the more you get downloads the more you will be get paid.

There are lots of websites for that but I am sharing only that which actually works.


Create an account on these websites and start sharing links and earn with Whatsapp.

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Earn money with Whatsapp by online sell

Guys By selling services and products you can make money online. You can promote services and products in two ways. Either you can sell promote your own products or services or you can sell someone other products by adding your margin with it.

Let me explain in detail how to do this. First of all, create a Facebook page and post your product detail with name price, and images and share them in all the groups. Using these tricks People sell their art craft like mobile covers t-shirt gifts etc.

If you don’t have any product then don’t worry you can promote other products which are also known as drop shipping.

There is a Shopify store which is an online store you can start work with them but some money needs to start in Shopify.

So I will tell you a freeway, you have to download shop101 from the play store.

Once you download shop101 create an account in shop101 after that you will be able to see lots of products where you can add your own margin and can sell it anywhere.

Once the product will be ordered through your link after the successful delivery your added margin will be transferred to your bank account.

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Affiliate marketing

earn money from affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of passive income. Some people do it as a full-time job who have a proper website and channel for a particular niche.

Affiliate marketing is a program that pays a commission for promoting its products.

There are many affiliate websites like amazon, Flipkart, digistore24, and many more.

Now the question is how you can make money on WhatsApp from affiliates then the answer is simple. Suppose you have to sell any school or college products then you should have a students group and contacts where you can promote the products.

If you don’t have numbers you can also promote their product on Facebook.

Let me tell me some categories who pay more commission like books, software, and computer peripheral

  1. Amazon affiliate
  2. Flipkart affiliate
  3. Bigrock affiliate

Referral program

Referral program to earn money

There are lots of websites and apps that pay you for every referral. In the play store, you will get some app where you can earn money by referring to their application.

These app pay wallet balances which can be used for online shopping and recharge.

Some of the apps that directly pay you an amount in your bank like google pay, phone pay.

There are more apps like this whose pay referral amount for increasing their business. You have to search for that apps and get registered then refer to the Whatsapp group.

Brand Pramotion

Have you ever thought about how to make money in India using WhatsApp? That too by promoting the brand. There are many such Youtube channels, new websites, new apps that need promotion.

Even you can create a brand and promote it on WhatsApp. Suppose you are interested in teaching and make an application for a tutor then you can promote that app on the WhatsApp group.

Once you get many downloads you will start recommending in the play store then organically your app will be downloaded then you can start making money from it.

Final word

So these are some methods to earn money from WhatsApp in India. I hope you will like it and if you work hard then surely you can earn money from WhatsApp. If you have any questions regarding this article then make sure to comment down below.

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