You are currently viewing 5 Highest paying captcha sites: Make Money Online from Home [2022]

5 Highest paying captcha sites: Make Money Online from Home [2022]

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Are you searching for a job in 2021 then captcha filling work may be the best job for you.

Here I am going to tell you How to earn money from home without any investment by doing captcha solving job online at home, if you want to start this job but are still confused then here are some highest paying captcha sites which pay well amount for captcha solving job.

What is CAPTCHA and why it is necessary?

Highest paying captcha sites

Full form of captcha – Completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart. 

It is a type of protective security measurement that provides security to your website or Apps.

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5 Highest paying captcha sites

1. Mega Typer

Mega Typer is one of the popular websites for Captcha working which pays more than other captcha sites. If you want to join Mega Typer then you should have a working email and one invitational code.

If you don’t have an invitational code then you can join Because and are two websites of the same company.

The only difference between these two is that to register in mega typers you should have an invitational code while protypers can be joined without an invitational code.

Payment rate – $ 0.45 – $ 1.50 per 1000 captcha entry. As soon as your income is $ 3 or more, Megatypers transfers itself to your chosen payment processor every Monday for this, you do not need a separate payment request.

2. Kolotibablo 

Kolotibablo is a Russian company founded in 2010. It is also a well-known company that provides online captcha typing work all over the world.

Its payment processor is WebMoney, Payoneer, payza. The payment rate system of this company is completely different from all other captcha entry sites. It is one of the Best Highest paying captcha sites.

You can understand the payment system well from the chart given below.

I. The beginner bonus – + 0% of total input captcha –  0

II. Younger striker –   + 2% of the total input captcha -100

III. The senior striker bonus -+5% total input captcha -1000

IV. Silver hammer bonus – +8% of the total input captcha – 5000

V. Goldhammer bonus –  +10% of total input captcha – 10000

VI. The smith bonus –    +15% of total input captcha – 18000

VII. The goldsmith bonus – +20% of the total input captcha – 30000

VIII. Kuvaldo bonus – +25% of the total input captcha – 50000

IX. Gold kuvaldo bonus – +30% of the total input captcha – 80000

X.The younger borer bonus- +35% of the total input captcha – 12,0000

XI. The senior borer bonus – +40% of the total input captcha – 17,0000

XII. Deformator bonus – +50% of the total input captcha –  25,0000

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3. CaptchaTypers

It is also a legitimate and genuine captcha job provider company, if you want to work with them then you have to send an email to the company’s email id, after which you get a login id.

The company’s email id is [email protected]

Its payment rate is between $ 0.65 – $ 1.40 / 1000 captcha and the minimum payout are $ 2. Payment processor – Payza, Perfect Money, Neteller, web money, bank transfer.

4. Captcha2cash

It is one of the fastest captcha servers and they are the only captcha work provider whose captcha is very easy to understand and its captcha is not “case sensitive”. You only have to type in a small letter.

After login into this site, you can directly work from their site or you can download sofware from their website and can work on the software.

It is one of the Best Highest paying captcha sites. The payment rate of c2c is $ 1/1000 captchas. The minimum payout is $ 0.10 which is the biggest feature of this company. You can take your payment anytime through “Payza”.

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Qlink group is also a fast server captcha site but at night time it is super fast. It only pays on Fridays a week. To get paid, you have to solve at least 800 captcha codes in a week.

QG does this to prevent spamming. If you are unable to enter 800 correct captchas within a week, then your id is blocked without payment.

Payment rate

In day – $0.5 – $1 / 1000 captcha
In night – $1 – $1.8 / 1000 captcha
Payment processor – Paypal, perfect money

You can start your work and earn money by joining anyone according to your preference.Before joining any captcha site, be sure to read its terms and conditions carefully.

Your typing speed should be good i.e. at least 30 words per minute only then do this work. If you do not have any other work to do, then do it or do it part-time.

Final Result

I hope now you know the highest paying captcha sites.

Make sure you visit any of the websites mentioned above and start working on it right now.

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