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How to make money creating Apps for Android 2021 [Earn 35,000]

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Android/IOS App development is one of the most demanding skills right now. You can earn a lot of money by creating Apps for Android as now most of the Business is done Digitally.

You can create your own app without writing even a single line of code. So most of you have this question in your mind How to Make Money creating Apps for Android?

This article mostly targets earning money online for students without investment so read this article till the end.

How to make money creating Apps for Android?

make money from mobile apps

It is very important to stick with the appropriate monetization strategy to make money from mobile apps.

As we all know the fact that free apps have more downloads than paid apps. So here the question arises in our mind that How to make money from mobile apps?

If you are a good coder and you have a lot of knowledge about App development then you can start creating apps that will be useful for the audience like Informative apps (News App, Educational App) or you can create Entertainment apps like (Games, Movies app, Video Editing, etc) as these are the most demanding niches.

There are multiple ways to make money creating apps for Android if you have a huge audience base. You can increase your app downloads by running ads on multiple social media platforms.

You can create multiple apps on Appy Pie for free and then sell them on Fiverr, eBay, Upwork, etc and make money creating apps for Android.

If you have a huge audience base then you can earn money online from apps by Sponsorship, In-app purchases, Google Adsense, Subscription, Sell Products, Crowdfunding, etc.

5 Best Services to create an App for free Android

Many of you have questions in your mind that Can we create an App for free Android?

Yes, absolutely we can create an app for free Android from the below services.

1. Appy Pie:-

Appy Pie is one of the best applications to create an app for free. It is very easy to use and does not require any coding experience.

You can simply drag and drop and create a user-friendly Android application for free. This software does not require code and you can develop mobile-friendly applications from scratch.

You can create an application for your business with the help of Appy Pie irrespective of coding knowledge, technical skills, and budget-friendly.

You should definitely try out these apps and make money from mobile apps.

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2. Buzztouch:-

Buzztouch is one of the best iOS and Android app makers. There are no limits in Buzztouch software you can literally create any kind of application on this software.

Buzztouch is the web-based control panel used to create and package iOS and/or Android apps you open in Xcode or Android Studio.

Buzztouch also has its own app developer community so if you face any problem while building an application you can simply solve your doubts with Buzztouch friends around the world.

They share their experiences and ideas with fellow community members so it is very important to keep in touch with Buzztouch friends.

3. Mobile Roadie:-

Mobile Roadie is one of the best software chosen by App development Industry leaders. It provides customized app development services that are very useful for your Online Business.

To keep your audience engaged it is very important to design user-friendly apps so this software has custom designs.

If you have your own app designed to plan out then you can directly build from their custom app developers with your idea.

Mobile Roadie has custom designs that keep your audience engaged thus helps you to make money from mobile apps.

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4. AppMakr:-

AppMakr is the best app development software that helps you in iPhone, Android app creation without coding knowledge.

With this Appmakr software, you can create an app for free Android for musicians, Artists, Bloggers, small business owners, etc, and earn huge profits.

It is the best way to display your content and is very easy to use Android application software that comes with jam-packed features.

With this software, you can easily keep a track of all of your apps and easily access them from one place while updating an app.

You can publish under your own Developer Account and your own brand with AppMakr.

5. Andromo App Maker:-

Andromo App maker is a premium mobile-friendly app builder for Android and iOS.

You can build unlimited apps using this software and make money from mobile apps. It is backed by Google Flutter and you can export to both Android / iOS platforms.

You have multiple ways to create unique designs and earn money online from this app maker. It is a ready-to-use solution for beginners who have zero knowledge about coding.

The Andromo app builder shows how to make a mobile app and earn money for various types of content.

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How to make money from mobile apps?

A mobile app is very much potential to hit billions of dollars in a year if the app is very useful and user-friendly to your audience. However, only a few apps are able to achieve that mark.

There are 7 ways to make money from mobile apps:-

1. In-app Purchases.

2. Sponsorship.

3. Advertisement.

4. Subscription.

5. Affiliate Marketing.

6. Selling Products.

7. Fremium Upsell.

In-app Purchases:-

In-app purchases are made directly within the free app which is downloaded from Google Playstore or Appstore.

It provides advance and powerful features to the user’s experience thus it needs to be purchased separately.

It helps app developers to sell their premium virtual products in an easy way.

The top high graphics games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, etc also have their In-app purchases for a better user experience.

• Sponsorship:-

Once the brand value increases of your app then you start getting sponsorship from big brands to promote their products and this is a brand-winning monetization model.

You can ask your sponsorer to either split the revenue or you can ask for a monthly sponsorship fee.

Your mobile application has to be outstanding to gain the interest of potential funders.

• Advertisement:-

Advertisement is very easy to implement and one of the best ways to make money from mobile apps.

You can simply add banner ads, Full-screen ads, Native mobile ads, etc, and earn lots of money from various ad networks like Google Adsense, Facebook ads, etc.

You get easily paid from third parties and commercial ad networks for sharing user’s data within them.


It is the most common business monetization setup. You can engage your audience in the beginning by providing free content to them as a free trial and then start charging a subscription fee after the free trial period.

This is the most common technique which is implemented by most app owners to earn huge money.

This technique is the same as In-app purchases but instead of giving users the option to buy whenever they want, this model introduces ‘Subscription Periods.’

Affiliate Marketing:-

You can join any Affiliate Marketing Platform and start promoting their products on your app.

The minimum commission on Digital Products is 100$ per sale so it is an easy way to make money from mobile apps.

Clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon Affiliates, etc are the Best Affiliate Programs so start your instant earning online from home.

Selling Products:-

You can sell Merchandise, essential products, unique products on your app once your app becomes popular.

It is an easy strategy to make money online from your audience. Always try to promote products as per your audience’s interest.

If the product is of audience choice it will definitely be purchased on a large scale and thus you will earn a huge profit.

• Freemium Upsell:-

Most of the app development companies provide their apps for free on Playstore or Appstore and then, later on, ask for additional charges for premium features.

This type of tactic brings new users and then they end up purchasing in-app services for a good user experience.

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How much money do apps make per download?

Mobile app developers do not make money per download but instead, they earn from various Sponsorship, Advertisements, Subscription, In-app purchases, etc.

So the more app downloads the more premium subscriptions and also the brand value increases. It is very important to have higher brand value to earn more money online.

If the niche of your App is of high competitive keywords then you can easily earn between 5$ to 15$ per day if you have only 1000 app downloads and if you are using only banner ads.

How much money do apps make per ad?

If the ads are of high CPC then you can earn between 5$ to 15$ per 1000 views.

If the ads are of low CPC then you can earn 0.10$ to 3$. It totally depends on your niche and your brand value.

If your app is of good quality content then you can easily earn 15$ to 50$ per day with high CPC ads.

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