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15 Best Free RPG Games For Android Offline (2024)

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If you are bored of playing regular games on your phone and are looking for the best free RPG Games For Android offline, then you’ve landed in the right place.

RPGs, also known as role-playing games, are fictional settings with character storylines.

These games were among the first genres to become popular in Android gaming.

There are two most famous forms of Role-playing games:

  • TRPGs (Tabletop role-playing games)
  • LARP (Live action role-playing)

In both of these genres, the player has to take the character forward either through discussions or by physically performing the character’s actions.

While role-playing games are popular both with and without the internet, this article talks specifically about the 15 Best Free RPG Games For Android Offline that are worth your time and will bring you new tastes in the gaming world, adding to your hour of enjoyment whether you are in a train, a taxi, a boring class, or in your bed.

These games are chosen on the basis of various factors such as storyline, smoothness, and game play.

Keep reading till the end.

15 Best Free RPG Games For Android Offline (2024)


If you’re a fan of immersive storylines, character customization, and epic battles, you’ll be delighted to explore the world of RPGs available on Android.

Check out this comprehensive list of RPGs that will keep you entertained for hours.

Best Free RPG GamesRatings
SoulCraft – Action RPG4.3/5⭐
Pixel Dungeon4.2/5⭐
Arcane Quest Legends3.5/5⭐
Exiled Kingdoms 4.5/5⭐
Dungeon Quest3.8/5⭐
Battleheart Legacy4.5/5⭐
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic4.2/5⭐
Epic Conquest4.1/5⭐
The Bard’s Tale4.5/5⭐
Nimian Legends: Vandgels3.7/5⭐

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1. Eternium

Eternium is a visually stunning best free RPG games that offers an engaging single-player experience.

Set in a fantasy world, players can choose from three classes and venture on a quest to defeat demons, skeletons, and other evil creatures.

The game’s offline mode ensures you can enjoy the adventure even without an internet connection.


  • Engaging storyline with immersive quests.
  • Fluid and responsive controls for smooth gameplay.
  • Robust character customization options.
  • No paywalls or forced in-app purchases.
  • Frequent updates with new content.


  • Limited offline game modes.
  • Grind-heavy gameplay in later stages.
  • Occasional server connectivity issues.
  • Limited camera control during combat.
  • Some players find the graphics outdated.

2. SoulCraft – Action RPG

SoulCraft takes the RPG experience to a whole new level with its intense hack-and-slash gameplay.

As a chosen angel, you’ll battle demons in an apocalyptic war for humanity’s survival.

The game features a vast array of weapons and equipment to enhance your combat skills and offers an enthralling offline mode.


  • Intense and fast-paced action combat.
  • Wide variety of character classes and abilities.
  • Multiplayer mode for cooperative play.
  • Good-quality graphics and animations.
  • Frequent events and challenges for rewards.


  • Limited offline content is available.
  • In-app purchases are required for certain items.
  • Occasional stability issues on older devices.
  • Repetitive level designs in some areas.
  • Some players experience difficulty spikes.

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3. Pixel Dungeon

If you’re a fan of classic roguelike RPGs, Pixel Dungeon is one of the best free RPG games for Android Offline.

With its retro graphics and challenging gameplay, you’ll explore procedurally generated dungeons, encounter monsters, and collect valuable loot.

The game is also available for offline play, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures.


  • Simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics.
  • Randomly generated dungeons for replayability.
  • No in-app purchases or ads.
  • Compact game size for low-end devices.
  • Regular updates and community mods.


  • Lack of a detailed storyline or quests.
  • Minimalistic graphics and sound effects.
  • The permadeath feature can be frustrating.
  • Limited variety in enemy types.
  • Some players may find it too difficult.

4. Arcane Quest Legends – Offline RPG

Arcane Quest Legends is one of the free RPG games for Android that combines elements of traditional RPGs with dungeon-crawling action.

The game features a captivating storyline, multiple character classes, and various quests to complete.

Embark on heroic journeys even without an internet connection.


  • Open-world exploration with various landscapes.
  • Multiple character classes with unique abilities.
  • Engaging side quests and activities.
  • No energy system, allowing for extended play.
  • Optional online features for co-op play.


  • In-app purchases are required for certain items.
  • Occasional bugs and glitches.
  • Long loading times on some devices.
  • Limited character customization options.
  • Some players may find the combat repetitive.

5. Exiled Kingdoms

Exiled Kingdoms is an isometric free RPG game that offers an expansive world to explore.

Unravel secrets, complete quests, and engage in real-time combat against formidable enemies.

The game’s offline capability makes it one of the top choices for RPG enthusiasts.


  • Vast open world to explore with secrets to uncover.
  • Intriguing lore and well-written quests.
  • No microtransactions or pay-to-win elements.
  • Class-less character system for flexible gameplay.
  • Regular updates with new content.


  • Graphics and animations may feel outdated.
  • Limited voice acting and sound effects.
  • Some players may find the learning curve steep.
  • Occasional crashes on certain devices.
  • No multiplayer or co-op features.

6. Postknight

Postknight blends RPG elements with the adrenaline of endless runners.

As a brave knight, you’ll deliver letters and defeat monsters to become a true hero.

The game’s cute art style and offline accessibility make it an excellent choice for casual gaming.


  • Bite-sized gameplay, perfect for short sessions.
  • Charming pixel art and cute character design.
  • Balanced difficulty progression.
  • There is plenty of equipment and gear to collect.
  • Regular events and updates.


  • Limited open-world exploration.
  • Some players may find the storyline too simplistic.
  • In-app purchases can be tempting for faster progress.
  • Lack of real-time combat (semi-auto gameplay).
  • Limited character customization options.

7. Evoland

Evoland takes you on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of RPG gaming.

The game progresses from monochrome visuals to full 3D graphics, paying homage to various classic RPGs.

Enjoy this unique experience offline, immersing yourself in gaming history.


  • Unique gameplay that evolves with gaming history.
  • Creative blend of various RPG styles.
  • Clever puzzles and challenges.
  • Engaging story with humorous references.
  • No forced in-app purchases.


  • Short gameplay duration (can be completed quickly).
  • Controls may feel clunky for some players.
  • Some features are locked behind in-app purchases.
  • Limited replayability once completed.
  • Occasional performance issues on older devices.

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8. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest offers action-packed gameplay with intense battles and loads of loot to discover.

Choose your hero, customize their appearance, and embark on a thrilling adventure to defeat the forces of darkness.

The game’s offline feature lets you delve into dungeons whenever and wherever.


  • Fast-paced and action-packed gameplay.
  • Extensive loot system with item variety.
  • No pay-to-win elements.
  • Customizable character builds.
  • Regular seasonal events.


  • Limited character classes are available.
  • Some players may find the graphics outdated.
  • Difficulties with the multiplayer matchmaking.
  • Advertisements to access certain features.
  • Occasional crashing issues.

9. Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy is another best free RPG game that lets you take control of a hero destined for greatness.

With an impressive skill system and real-time combat, you’ll battle evil foes across a beautifully designed world.

The offline mode ensures a smooth gaming experience without interruptions.


  • Fluid and intuitive touch controls.
  • Vast world with numerous quests and secrets.
  • Varied character classes and skill trees.
  • Challenging boss battles.
  • No internet connection is required.


  • Some players may find the gameplay repetitive.
  • Limited character customization options.
  • In-app purchases for cosmetic items.
  • Occasional bugs and glitches.
  • No multiplayer or co-op mode.

10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Step into the Star Wars universe with Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

This epic RPG lets you choose your path between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Engage in thrilling lightsaber duels and shape the galaxy’s destiny. Enjoy this legendary game offline on your Android device.


  • Epic Star Wars universe with rich storytelling.
  • Deep character customization and alignment system.
  • Engaging and strategic combat mechanics.
  • Memorable characters and companions.
  • No in-app purchases or ads.


  • Large game size and high system requirements.
  • Occasional technical issues and crashes.
  • Price may be a deterrent for some players.
  • Steep learning curve for newcomers to RPGs.
  • No updates or new content.

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11. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest is a captivating best RPG game for android that blends classic adventure with modern graphics.

Set in a beautiful fantasy world, the game offers various game modes, including offline story mode, where you’ll unravel the secrets of the land and confront powerful enemies.


  • Compelling storyline with emotional depth.
  • Fluid combat system with combo mechanics.
  • Richly detailed environments and animations.
  • No forced ads during gameplay.
  • Regular updates and bug fixes.


  • Limited character classes and abilities.
  • In-app purchases required for certain items.
  • Occasional difficulty spikes in some areas.
  • Some players may find the game too short.
  • No multiplayer or co-op features.

12. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is a humorous RPG game for android that takes you on a musical adventure.

As the Bard, you’ll sing songs, solve puzzles, and battle creatures in a quirky and entertaining story.

This game is fully accessible offline, making it an enjoyable experience wherever you go.


  • Hilarious and satirical humor throughout.
  • Massive world with countless side quests.
  • Engaging music and voice acting.
  • Unique gameplay with musical elements.
  • No paywalls or forced microtransactions.


  • Large game size and long download times.
  • Occasional performance issues on certain devices.
  • Some players may find the controls awkward.
  • Linear main storyline progression.
  • Occasional repetitive dialogue.

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13. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn offers a captivating open-world RPG experience reminiscent of classic Zelda games.

Set sail on the high seas, explore islands, and uncover the secrets of Arcadia.

The game’s stunning graphics and offline playability ensure an enchanting journey.


  • Beautiful graphics and a captivating art style.
  • Nostalgic gameplay reminiscent of classic RPGs.
  • Engaging puzzles and exploration.
  • There are no in-app purchases to progress.
  • Regular content updates and bug fixes.


  • Limited character development and customization.
  • No save feature during dungeons (start from scratch).
  • May feel too similar to The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Occasional frame rate drops on older devices.
  • Some players may find the difficulty inconsistent.


DEEMO is an enchanting music-based RPG that combines storytelling with rhythm gameplay.

Immerse yourself in a touching tale while tapping to the rhythm of the music.

With its captivating visuals and offline mode, DEEMO provides a mesmerizing gaming experience.


  • Unique blend of rhythm and RPG gameplay.
  • Emotionally compelling storyline.
  • Beautifully animated and artistic visuals.
  • Rich and diverse musical soundtrack.
  • No pay-to-win elements.


  • Shorter gameplay compared to traditional RPGs.
  • Requires a sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Some players may find the story vague or confusing.
  • In-app purchases for additional music packs.
  • Occasional bugs and crashes.

15. Nimian Legends: Vandgels

Nimian Legends is an open-world RPG with breathtaking visuals and exploration.

Roam the vast landscapes, discover hidden treasures, and encounter mystical creatures.

This game’s offline mode allows you to get lost in the beauty of the world without any interruptions.


  • Stunning open-world environments and landscapes.
  • Exploration-based gameplay with no time constraints.
  • No in-app purchases or ads.
  • There are various creatures and wildlife to encounter.
  • Freedom to create and share custom maps.


  • Lack of a structured main storyline.
  • Some players may find the controls challenging.
  • Limited character customization options.
  • Occasional performance issues on low-end devices.
  • Limited variety in quest types.

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Best Free RPG Games FAQs

Are these RPG games really free to play?

Yes, all the RPG games mentioned in this list are available for free on the Google Play Store. However, some of them offer in-app purchases for additional content or items.

Can I play these RPGs offline without an internet connection?

Absolutely! One of the highlights of these games is their offline mode, allowing you to enjoy them without needing an internet connection.

Which RPG game has the best graphics?

“Oceanhorn” and “Nimian Legends: Vandgels” are known for their stunning visuals and breathtaking landscapes.

Do these RPGs require high-end devices to run smoothly?

Most of the games listed here are optimized to run on a wide range of Android devices, including mid-range smartphones and tablets.

Are these RPGs suitable for casual gamers?

Yes, many of these RPGs are designed to cater to both hardcore and casual gamers, offering various difficulty levels and gameplay options.

Do these RPG games support multiplayer mode?

While some games do offer multiplayer features, the majority of the listed RPGs are primarily designed for single-player experiences.

Final Thoughts

With these best free RPG games for Android Offline, you can embark on epic adventures, defeat mighty foes, and immerse yourself in captivating stories, all without an internet connection.

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy realms, post-apocalyptic adventures, or space exploration, these games offer something for everyone.

So, don’t wait any longer—download your favorite RPG and embark on unforgettable journeys in the palm of your hand!

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